You're paying for quality waste service.
We make sure you're getting it.

At IMG, we help commercial property owners and managers oversee their waste hauling through contract examinations, service auditing, and ongoing follow-up and support. We act as your advocates, helping you save money and get the service you’re paying for.

Why Choose Us

We're On-site Daily

If you have pickups 7 days a week, we check them 7 days a week. We monitor every aspect of your waste management service to make sure it’s right.

We Know Hauler Contracts

We specialize in franchise agreements and can do a deep-dive into your hauler contract to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

We Keep You in Control of the Billing

We provide support and advocacy, but you maintain control of the billing, so there’s no financial risk to utilizing our services.

Is your hauler contract causing you headaches?

Hauler contracts are almost never written in your favor. But you’re the one who has to pay the overage charges, deal with the poor service, and be hampered by the contractual obligations.

Without even realizing it, you could be in a hauler contract that

  • has early termination fees of six months or more
  • automatically renews unless cancelled at a specific time
  • gives the hauler exclusive rights to all waste/recycle hauling on your property
  • or worse

We help you make sure your hauler contract is fair and equitable, in your best interest.

IMG recently completed a 90-day program for us and the results have been amazing -- a 25% reduction of total trash removal costs.

In addition to the financial savings, IMG also promoted good will with the tenants by ensuring the enclosure doors are always closed, the tenants know what to do with trash and recyclables, and drive-by dumping is promptly reported.

If you need a real "bulldog" on your team to oversee waste management, while at the same time saving you money, you need IMG.

Deb S.
Sr. Property Manager

Work with the waste management experts to ensure you're receiving quality service.